Professional & Experienced Framing Contractors in Golden, CO

At Ben B. Exteriors, our experience, combined with our industry-leading management process and safety standards, makes us the trusted choice for framing in all of Golden, CO. Our team has the ability to scale quickly to meet the demands of any project size; we most often work on the following framing projects:

  • Single-family homes
  • Custom homes
  • Multi-family homes
We understand why timeliness, attention to detail, and safety are so important to our builders, and we strive to ensure that these standards are met with every project. And whether we are working on a luxury home or an addition, our team manages the process from start to finish, so quality and time are never sacrificed.

If you are looking for a framing company in the Golden, CO area, look no further - Ben B. Exteriors is a partner you can trust. Contact us today for more information.

Need Sheetrock Repair?

Call the experts at Ben B. Exteriors

If you're a homeowner and you need to find a professional in Golden, CO for the job, you'll want to consider Ben B. Exteriors. We are business that specializes in the repair of sheetrock and other forms of damaged plaster in the area. With so many contractors available to take on the task at hand, it can be hard to choose one who will do a good job, but if you are lucky enough to have your sheetrock work is done by someone who has the expertise and experience required, you'll enjoy the results.

Whether you're dealing with a hole in the wall, ceiling damage, or a cracked joint, we can help! Maybe you decided to DYI and repair a piece a drywall in your home, but are needing someone to finish the sheetrock repair for you. If that's you, we have you covered.

Contact us today to schedule our sheetrock repair service!